RV8A        N832SD



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Top speed is 205 mph, cruise at 24-24 rpm is 193 mph.  The last trip we took it averaged 21 mpg.  Take off is 500', full of fuel and 2 people, 1/2 flaps.  Stall is 62 mph with flaps.  

The engine is a 0-30 A1A with constant speed prop.  The panel is arranged for easy IFR installation, the gauges are Van's.   King  I can install Artificial Horizon, D.G., VSI and vacuum sytem of your choice at your expense.  Our rates are $25 an hour + cost of items.  Transponder with Mode C.  The Pilot Avionics headsets are noise canceling.  The GPS has obstruction altitudes and color differentiation in terrain changes.  All electric trims. The oil cooler is the Stewart/Warner double oil pass  and have had no problems with it overheating.    The rear seat has throttle,  rudder pedals, stick grip has all trim functions.  Forward of the windshield, there are two access panels, one on each side to gain access to the back side of the instruments.  On the side, by the vent, is the access panels to the cowling side hinge pins.  In the forward baggage area, there is another access panel for more access to the instruments.  The baggage floor is removable, so you have access to your rudder pedals.  The battery is located under a single panel, right side of the baggage floor. The brake lines are all braided in the cockpit area.  The windshield was purchased from Airplane PlasticsComparison. Van's is round.  The plane is a quality built aircraft assembled by experienced builders of 30 years.  This is the 4th RV we've built with numerous assists.  If you have any questions, please email or call.   Syd Nelson chasers1@pldi.net 580-883-2307