Experimental Aircraft Association

Chapter 455 Newsletter     Enid, Oklahoma

Vol. 03, No. 01

Start out the new year right – with EAA Chapter 455!

January, 2003 Edition

January, 2003  EAA 455 Meeting Notice

 The January meeting of EAA Chapter 455 will be held on Sunday, January 19th, 2:30 p.m. at the Woodring Regional Airport Terminal Building in Enid.  President Ron Decker will open up the new year with his “inaugural address”, his “state of the union speech”, and his vision for 2003!  Dave Chael will be asking for Chapter database info updates.  Refreshments will be served, and we look forward to seeing you there! 

December, 2002  EAA 455 Meeting Minutes

 Ken Sumpter called the annual Christmas Party/December meeting to order at the Woodring Regional Airport Terminal building at 6:00 p.m. on December 15, 2002.  The party was very well attended, and a great time was had by all.  Special thanks to Syd and Diann for the Turkey, and to Mica for the Brisket.  If you’re wondering about the Trojan Horse Dirty Santa gift, it was very well disguised by Doc Nicholas and picked up by Dave Chael’s wife (who incidentally refused to wear it, ever – imagine that).  So…….. better watch out next year!  Thanks to all for a great 2002  

EAA 455 Executive Board Meeting

 Executive board Meeting notes:  The EAA Chapter 455 executive board (members present Ron Decker, Syd Nelson and Dave Chael) met on Saturday, January 11, 2003 at Ron Decker’s in Meno.  We discussed plans and proposed programs for the Chapter for the upcoming year.  We’ll discuss the findings and recommendations at the January Meeting on January 19th.  

Member News

 Ken Sumpter:  Please pass along my thanks for a great 2002 as your Chapter President.  I feel everyone had a great time, and we’re all looking forward to another super year! 

Marty Lochman:  Please pass on that I have a RV6 or 6A tail group that I will let go for $600.  I have it advertised at Barnstormers for $800.  The horizontal, vertical and rudder are already assembled and the spars were painted with epoxy paint.  Workmanship is very nice.  The elevators need to be assembled and I have the holding fixtures for assembly as well as the plans.  It is serial numbered.  Thing is, the horizontal is sitting vertical in my bedroom against the wall/ceiling........yes I said my bedroom and my wife is getting tired of it even tho she can use the reflection as a stand up mirror!  I could store it in the attic but moving it around is asking for trouble.  I can bring them to Enid on my next driving trip......provided I can get that much time off!  Not doing much here General Aviation wise other than working on engine components on my Cessna 170.  Starting to rework cylinders and such at home in the garage.  Homeland defense and alert tours continue to occupy all of my time.  I have intended to make the monthly meetings, but so far my alert schedule or weather has prevented my participation.  I can't believe the last meeting I attended was at Mica's place last spring.   

Syd and Diann Nelson:  We have to sell the RV before we can get the 701.  We'd planned on flying today, too cold for me.  No heat in the back.  Syd's one foot gets roasted, my feet are by the wing roots and get VERY cold.  Maybe in a couple of days.  Still got a couple of things to do to the RV before we sell it, nothing major, just want them done.  We still have a RV7 we're working on.  Syd's still working on the wiring-major nightmare.  The one wing is about finished-minus one skin.  The other has the framework riveted together, front and rear spar to the ribs.  All the parts are ready to rivet, including the fuel tanks.  That's one nice thing about the Zenith, you don't have to build the fuel tanks, they're welded together... excellent!  The 6 was picked up before Christmas.  We finished the fuselage, installed the engine completed the finishing kit-canopy, cowling, wheel pants and installed the empennage on it. 

Bill Blunk:  Aero Club of Enid's Pilot Shop is now open.  Monday 1630 to 2030; Thursday 1630 to 2030; and Saturday 1200 to 1700.  Civil Air Patrol is alive and well.  We are looking for more members. 

Gene Martin:  After returning from Ponca City breakfast Saturday, I started the nose job on my Lancair. With “bravocharlies” help we removed everything firewall forward and installed new engine mount.  The following week installed nose gear.  Sat 1/11 we installed engine on new mount and constant speed prop all temp.  Now on to cowling fabrication   soooomuuuch#% &*$^$$# ffuuunn... 

Jerry Calvert:  The RV6 is progressing.  Have been working on the fiberglass pieces.  The empennage fairing did not fit like I wanted it too so had to remake it.  Thought it would be a weekend project, but took one month (been there…. ed)  !  Fits like a glove!  The Sensenich aluminum spinner comes unpolished and have also spent hours and hours getting a mirror shine on it.  The RV is getting very close to completion and hope to fly this summer. 

Dave Chael:  You know how you start something and expect it to take a certain amount of time (ask Jerry Calvert), and you end up spending way more time and money than you’d originally intended at the start?  Welcome to my latest inspection/restoration phase III!  I’m almost ready to paint the ruddervators, the part I consider most critical on the Bonanza.  They’re taking easily 10X the time I expected!  Oh well.  A newly-revised AD dictates a tighter center-of-gravity balance on the ruddervators, and that required stripping and repainting mine to comply.  In lieu of putting $6,200 into a re-skinned pair, we’ve decided to repair a few not-too-bad-spots and repaint what I’ve got!  Sticker shock!  New bushings/bearings all over, new aileron cables, inner gear door repair (thanks Ken Hollrah), ignition harness, exhaust repairs, new vac pump/cooling hose, new mixture control cable, and a hundred other little things that add up in time and cash like you would not believe.  The good news:  It’s going to be right, and safe, when it’s done.  Hopefully very soon! 


 For Sale:  1966 PA-28-140, hangared & pampered.  Annual 8/1/02, TT2914, TSMOH 1204, Narco AT50A transponder, Narco ADF, KA134 switch panel, KX155 NavCom, STS Loran C, marker beacon, glideslope, autopilot. $37,500.  (580) 446-5601 days (580)446-5440  genemartin@enid.com

 New Books Available from author Sonja Englert:  Dear fellow homebuilder, I just want to let you know about three new books I have written for airplane homebuilders. You can check them out on my web page www.caroengineering.com. If you think this is of interest for other homebuilders, please pass the link on or mention it in your chapter's newsletter or web page.  Thanks, 

Two Aircraft Offered For Sale: Superb craftsmanship – both aircraft constructed by professional machinist
BD-5B For Sale  $15,000 Aircraft Features:Direct Drive Subaru Engine Prince Propeller, Cleveland Brakes Only 3 hours Total Time!Price Includes Trailer
Sonerai II L.T. For Sale  $14,000 Aircraft Features: Zero time Aero-Vee Engine Electric start! Airframe - Only 40 hours Total Time Cleveland Brakes, Wheel Pants, Hedgy Prop For additional information contact: Don Worthington HCR 79  Box 3050 Pittsburg, MO  65724 (417) 852-4915 

Control Vision offers less expensive moving map.  A recent entry into the burgeoning market of personal digital assistants (PDAs) has led Control Vision, maker of AnywhereMap, to develop a less expensive version of its moving map software. The Dell Axim has a slightly smaller display than the Compaq iPaq, which Control Vision considers its platform of choice; however, the package, at $795–including the Axim–knocks $400 off Control Vision's iPaq package. An additional rebate is available through Dell.  Customers receive free software upgrades for six months. For more, see the Web site. 

FAA Program – “Ups and Downs”

 Coming to Oklahoma City on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 Metro Tech Aviation Career Center, 5600 S. MacArthur Blvd  Corner of 56th and South MacArthur Blvd

Coming to Wichita on Thursday, February 20th, Kansas Aviation Museum Conference Room  3350 South George Washington Blvd

½ mile se of the intersection of Oliver and Geo Washington, south of the Boeing plant on the east side of McConnell AFB

 No registration required!  Call 1-800-638-3101 for information or go to www.asf.org - click on safety seminars to view a video clip 

Remember, nearly 50% of all general aviation accidents occur during takeoff and landing, and loss of control causes nearly 1/3 of all takeoff and landing accidents!  14% of all TOL accidents are caused by adverse winds and pilots unable to control their aircraft.  Should be a great seminar if you can make it!

EAA SW Real Fly-In

 Plans are coming together on the fly-in in New Braunfels this May 16 & 17. Many vendors and forums are signing up. We will offer chapter tables again at the banquet and will also offer chapter tents for a cost of rental ---details will follow.  We still need a chairperson for the printed program--- need desktop publisher and some time to devote to the effort---please volunteer.  We are trying to locate all the former presidents of the event and have not found: Don Watson-1969, David Beckett-1979, Bill Thomas-1986.  Can you help?  Please contact Stan Shannon at 830-997-8802 with any information you have.

 Remember, we need digital PIX and stuff for the newsletter.  Even if you don’t think it is important, tell us anyway – your chapter mates want to know what you’re doing! 

“There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do, once you find them…”     Time in a Bottle,  Seals and Crofts