Fiberglass Cuffs


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When we make gear leg cuffs, we use an Epoxy Resin. Our preference is the West System. You can purchase the pumps and you use one pump of each and mix. Simple as that. The masking tape is your mold. We also use the clear 2 inch box tape for covering the areas surrounding the mold. Use 2 layers of fiberglass and make the cuff larger than you want to allow for trimming after it's dried. Cut out pieces of fiberglass to cover one whole side (outboard and inboard). Make the pieces long enough to extend beyond the trailing edge and also to overlap around the front. Get these all cut out before you start your epoxy mix. The way we wet the glass is to lay a piece of wax paper that's been taped down to a table, mix a couple of pumps of each mixture and lay one piece of your glass onto the wax paper. Pour an 1/8th inch stream of the mix onto the glass. Use body puddy paddles to spread the mix evenly over the glass. After it's saturated, put the fiberglass in it's place, you may have to wet the masking tape down to get it to hold. Put one side on then repeat the above process and place one on the opposite side, making sure the pieces are laid down, cut tabs if necessary to accomplish this a nice fit. Make sure before you lay another piece down that the prior piece is as you want it, no air pockets, etc. You use the same principle on the upper gearleg cuffs, sorry, no pictures as yet. <a href=""> Team Rocket</a> sells these parts for approximately $250, their number:&nbsp; 512-365-8131.&nbsp; Be warned, you have to keep on top of them, we have waited a month on ours and have yet to see them.&nbsp; We've called, they lost the order the first time.&nbsp; </p> </body> </html>