Charlie is our past Vice President.  He has helped our Chapter and members out for many years.  Charlie has been President and Vice President numerous times.  Thank you Charlie for your continued support!

Charlie and Barb Calivas's RV6.  Serial number 77 from Van's Aircraft.  Charlie and friends took 18 months to build his RV6.  This was the second RV6 completed.   The RV is powered by a 0-320 with 8.5 pistons.  

                                                                                                        Charlie has recently installed a 3 bladed MT prop.  On a test run at two altitudes he calculated TAS for four runs and they all came out 193 mph at 6000 and 8000feet at 75percent power. The total increase in IAS with the prop and the addition of the pressure recovery wheel pants is very close to 15 mph. Charlie and Barb average 100 hours a year on their plane.  Charlie has attended Oshkosh every year since 1985 and is able to park with the other RV's with over 1000 hours!  That's easy for Charlie to achieve, he has given many first rides to RV builders and anyone else who wants a ride.